While loop and do while loop in Ruby

The Ruby while loop is used to iterate a program several times. If the number of iterations is not fixed for a program, while loop is used. Ruby while loop executes a condition while a condition is true. Once the condition becomes false, while loop stops its execution. Syntax: Example: Output: Do…while loop: The Ruby […]

Variable declaration in Ruby

We can describe the variable in 4 different types : Local variable Class variable Instance variable Global variable Let’s check, How variable works in their comfort zones. Local Variable: Always start with lowercase or underscore ( _ ). It works only in the variable declared block. For example, Class Variable: Always start with @@ and […]

First Ruby Program

Before you start your first ruby program. Must sure that, You installed it. If you don’t know how to install ruby, Please refer this link for a proper guideline : Link Now, Open any text editor and write this program to check the first ruby program: Save this file as “first.rb” Note: Save Ruby program […]